HOW TO MAKE MATCHA - basic instructions

Brewing a perfect cup of Japanese Matcha is not so difficult. All you need is some basic tools, water and a beautiful emerald-green Matcha powder! We recommend to use only the bamboo tools and a ceramic bowl. Try not to use any metal bowl as it may affect the taste of the final brew. Just follow our recommendations below.


Ceremonial grade Matcha powder

Matcha bowl (Chawan)

Bamboo scoop (Chashaku)

Bamboo whisk (Chasen)



Add 1/3 cup of hot water into a bowl and place the whisk to warm it up. Once the bowl is hot, pour the water into a measuring cup and dry the bowl with the paper towel. Measure out 70 ml of water for Usucha or 40 ml for Koicha and leave it to cool.


Use the bamboo scoop to measure 2 scoops for Usucha or 3-4 scoops for Koicha and add it to the bowl.We highly recommend sifting the powder through a sieve to eliminate any clumps.


When the water cools down to about 80 C, pour it into the bowl with Matcha.


If you want to prepare Ususcha, whisk Matcha vigorously with the bamboo whisk in a “W” motion until the air bubbles and a soft foam is formed on the top.


If you want to prepare Koicha, do not whisk Matcha. Mix gently horizontally, vertically and in a 360 degree circular motion in order to get thicker and foam free texture.

Matcha craze

In Japan and out of Japan Matcha quickly gained popularity and nowadays the green powder can be used for latte, ice-cream, smoothies, no-bake cookies and cakes. Some of the recipes can be found in our “RECIPES” section. 

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