Genmaicha green tea 玄米茶 SHIZUOKA


Genmaicha green tea 玄米茶 SHIZUOKA

Genmaicha 玄米茶 – the most popular of green teas made in Japan. Very rich in C vitamin, microelements and antioxidants, especially catechins, which help our body to maintain youth and protect cardiovascular system.

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Genmaicha green tea 玄米茶 SHIZUOKA

Genamicha – Bancha and Sencha tea leaves mixed with fried brown rice (genmai), which can be popped. That is why Genmaicha is sometimes called “popcorn tea”.

The prepared tea has a light yellow colour and very mild taste of nuts and roasted rice, which balances bitterness of the tea. It is very popular with children and elderly people. It is low in caffeine. In Japan often consumed before breakfast, this tea is perfect for soothing our stomach.

Originally Genmaicha was considered as a drink of lower strata of society, but over time it became prestigious. It is now one of the most popular and interesting Japanese tea in the world.

Genmaicha is accompanied by many stories.

One of the legends says that a Samurai’s servant named Genma by accident poured some fried rice into a cup of tea while preparing it for his master. At first, the master got very angry, but after tasting the drink, noticed that the taste is actually very pleasant. Genmaicha tea was named after the name of the servant and became more and more popular.

Another theory says that as the green tea was very expansive and affordable only to a small number of people, fried rice was mixed with the tea leaves to reduce the price. Thanks to this, not only the rich but also poorer people were able to afford it.


Brewing conditions:

Amount of tea leaves: 3-4 g

Amount of water: 150 ml

Water temp.: 90 degrees

Brew for: 30-60 sek.

You can brew the same tea leaves up to 3 times!


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